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Dear Alex, Break Na Kami. Paano?! Love, Catherine

Dear Alex, Break Na Kami. Paano?! Love, Catherine - Alex Gonzaga This book is very Alex Gonzaga. I always find her witty when watching her. And I was so surprised that her words in her book is the very same Alex Gonzaga I get to see on TV. And her attitude in front of her audience(I remember her book signing event and her transparency to her us. she's so adorable) is the same attitude the way she had written the book. I'm no broken hearted girl but I can still find ways to relate myself with what she's saying. Her book is realistic and I feel God reaching out for me through her. Thanks for sharing God's message to us, Cathy!!!!


Towering - Alex Flinn this is my first alex flinn read. and i was so excited to read this coz of a friend who loves flinn's work so much and coz of her concept of writing. her fairytale retellings is very good idea. but i feel the book lacks something. i really can't determine what i was looking for. but the story's ok tho. this was my first alex flinn read and i didn't also really know what to expect. so the story is ok for me. and Wyatt ❤ ok. it's still a modern day fairytale and it's not hard to love Wyatt. hihi. looking forward in reading all of modern day fairytales retelling of Alex Flinn.

A Little Something Different

A Little Something Different - Sandy   Hall this is my kind of read when i just want to relax. read this for like three hours coz it is a fun read. Sandy Hall did a great job writing this witty and cute and adorable story of Gabe and Lea who's in like with each other. Just the light feels that will make you swoon and smile as you hear from different POV who are shippers of Gabe and Lea. I feel them coz I've been an avid shipper of different couples too. And guess what, I'm the new recruit. I already shipped them too. And my favorite part: the bench and the squirrel's POV. That was unexpected but it is the cutest thing; to hear from the bench and the squirrel. two thumbs up!!! a must must read :)


Locomotion - Jacqueline Woodson this story, whose words, lines and verses are written freely, has moved and touched my heart in one sitting. my faith was strengthen even more. Locomotion gave me hope and reminded me how lucky I am with the life I am living and I should be thankful for that everyday. this work is really something. this is genius and heartfelt.

Stupid is Forever

Stupid is Forever - Miriam Defensor Santiago Sen. Miriam is really the best. Her book is soothing. it relaxes me coz of its humor. i'm also inspired by her words. and her eye opening messages gave me something to ponder with.

Playlist for the Dead

Playlist for the Dead - Michelle Falkoff sigh. playlist to the dead gives me a close to heavy feeling. this is a story of a boy who committed suicide and left nothing but a playlist to his bestfriend. the story is sad and mysterious. just when i thought what's happened, side stories were slowly uncovered, revealing the whole picture of the boom. and i just felt sadder coz everything might end differently when the characters just expressed themselves freely and honestly. but at the end of the day, everybody has their own lives to live and eventually they will move on.

i loved the playlist tho. i played them one by one. and they are perfect ❤

Love Virtually

Love Virtually - Daniel Glattauer i was reading this while i was waiting for my zipped files to be extracted(for work) and i didn't expect to finish this immediately. the concept of book is exchange of emails between Emmi and Leo which happens after a misleading email from Emmi then eventually started a little 'something' between them. i didn't expect that ending tho. it hurts me a little and it made me feel sad. but given their life circumstances, i also didn't expect a happy ending for both of them.

The DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend

The DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend - Kody Keplinger The thing about The Duff is it gives you the very light feels. Well written story. It relaxes you while giving you the butterflies in your stomach and smile in your face.

The characters portrays a very realistic role among the teens nowadays. Teens who has issues about friendship, love, family, and self-esteem. And the thing that got me is at the end of the day, nobody is suicidal. HAHA. I half meant it. And everybody's on good terms(which includes B's parents, B's first love Jake, B and Toby, B and Casey and Jessica, Wesley and his family, and B and Wesley of course). HAHA. But on the serious note, I just love every character in the story. Their chemistry is just so fun. You could feel the humor in some moments and it really makes me grin. Especially Bianca's sarcasm, Casey's being straightforward, Toby's politeness, Wesley's arrogance and oh Jessica's innonence. I love everything about the characters.

But my most favorite part of all, of course, is Wesley. Wesley being this boy who becomes weak when it comes to B. Seriously, he's one of sweetest guy ever. Making notes and love letter for B. I'm swooning over him. really. I love his line:
Wesley Rush doesn't chase girls, but I'm chasing you.
ahhhh. okay. cheesy, isn't it? i feel the sincerity and his determination to win back B.

So much love and feels for the book. I really thank Kody Keplinger for giving us this kind of story. The last time I feel this giddy and happy about a book is after I read To All The Boys I've Loved Before, which was a year ago I think. and I am so happy to be feeling this light feels again after reading The Duff. I honestly don't know of this becoming a movie not until recently. And with the happiness it gives me, I'm definitely watching the movie ♥♥♥

Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James Okay. It's been my second time to read FSOG coz I wasn't able to finish it the first try. I dunno. I think it's a little below the line story. especially for us, women. tho i already finished it this time, i still feel it's not my kind of read. as a woman, i felt a little disrespected. tho it was Ana's decision to be sexually exploited. but that's not how you treat a woman. just it. but story wise, it's good. i admit mr. grey is hot. and he's man of reputation. and i still want to see how he will become in the next books. i'm giving it 2-stars for now :)

I Was Here

I Was Here - Gayle Forman So cheers for this another heartfelt writing by Gayle Forman. huhu. I Was Here is another story of loss(just like If I Stay) but in a different way. Cody is challenged in accepting the death of her best friend, Meg, who committed suicide.

It feels so refreshing to read a Gayle Forman book where the story doesn't really focuses on a boy-girl kind of love(but there's a touch). And I didn't expect the book to be sort of a mystery coz the story progresses by unfolding the truth behind Meg's death. Every character is supporting each other and that's what hold the story. And while I am reading this, I am feeling sad. If you read the author's note, you will know that the story of Meg isn't made up. It's based on a real life story of girl named Suzy. I feel sad coz these poor girls/boys will not be able to see anymore how wonderful life is. Society must be really aware of these. and who knows, maybe one day, we'll be able to help someone, who is feeling the same as Suzy and Meg. Gayle Forman really did a great job delivering the message to her readers.

This Song Will Save Your Life

This Song Will Save Your Life - Leila Sales
You think it’s so easy to change yourself. You think it’s so easy, but it’s not. True, things don’t stay the same forever: couches
are replaced, boys leave, you discover a song, your body becomes forever scarred. And with each of these moments you change and change again, your true self spinning, shifting positions—but always at last it returns to you, like a dancer on the floor. Because throughout it all, you are still, always, you:
beautiful and bruised, known and unknowable. And isn’t that—just you—enough?

two thumbs up for this.

this work by Leila Sales is an inspiration. it's all about a suicidal teenage story who's feeling that she's just a nobody but eventually fought her way to leave the dark world she's been through her music. I can't really relate to Elise Dembowski because I've never been bullied ever. But her story affected me so much. my eyes were opened to the very apparent issues our youth is and will be facing. and I feel sad. very sad because bullying is happening. Elise felt so small coz no one sees her. no one is friends with her. she tried everything. she tried to change herself, changed her clothes, study the latest in almost everything related to teenagers, tried listening to the music out of her type just to be updated just like a normal teenager. but despite her efforts, she's still left out. and she felt so alone that there came a point that she planned to die by cutting her wrist. and even if i didn't experience bullying, i understand how she feels and it makes me really sad. that's why when she found her safe haven, the underground club where she found the thing she likes doing the most, i was relieved. she made her way out through her music. and she decided that she worthy of being here. and look at where she is now, she's the Glendale's hottest DJ Elise Dembowski.

and i wish that every teenager who's been bullied find an inspiration from this book. that even when everybody makes you feel so small and continuously bringing you down, may they find that confidence in themselves that nobody can define who you are and what you can do. coz in the end, it is still them that make their own fate.

Rock Chick

Rock Chick - Kristen Ashley I was looking for a chick lit, rom-com book because I wanted to have a very light story that would make me feel better after a heartbreak from my previous read. And as I checked out several blogs, their list includes the Rock Chick series. Even in Goodreads. So without any hesitation, I gave it a shot. And guess what. haha. I was hooked with this action-packed writing of Kristen Ashley.

Indy has been inlove with Liam since she was 5 and she did everything to get the attention of Liam, who happens to be the brother of her bestfriend, Ally. But no matter how hard Indy tries, Liam never sees her so she finally decided to keep distant with him. But she was wrong. hahaha. If not for her being troubled because of her friend, Rosie and his diamonds, she would never know. HAHA. I never thought that the search for the lost diamonds will be as thrilling as this. Kristen explored a lot with her writing. Including the main characters. Indy and Lee are sooooo badass and sexy. Their personalities reminds me of the characters of 'This means War' and I can really see Indy in Reese Witherspoon(in a way). HAHAHAHA. And Liam Nightingale. Every women who'll get to read this book will seriously make Liam Nightingale their ideal husband. hihi. I also consider Hank Nightingale. He's opposite of Lee but still adorable.

I love how the book makes me laugh and smile. Exactly the kind of humor that I am looking for. I'm looking forward to more laughs for the rest books of the series ♥♥♥

All the Bright Places

All the Bright Places - Jennifer Niven We do not remember days, we remember moments.

Now is the time to give All the Bright Places its rightful identity because it's a very very lovely work. It is both heart warming and heart breaking piece and I don't think I'll get over this for days. There is so much feels that it gave me extreme happiness and sadness and so now I am done reading this, I honestly don't know what to feel. A lot of WHYs and IFs. I love this book and it's a must read. I would also recommend this to parents just so they would become aware of teenager feels. A lot of lessons to be learned: about love, life, friendship, family, social issues.

Just because they’re dead, they don’t have to be. And neither do we.

Endgame: The Calling


Seriously. It's maddening to hear people say it's like the THG series when in fact, IT'S NOT!!!!!!!

James Frey and Nils Johnson-Shelton's introduction already captured my heart. A very powerful intro. After reading the lines, my heart is just filled with excitement. I keep on looking forward to what will happen. Though in the beginning it kinda confused me because it's been one player's POV then another one then another one. But as the story progresses, I got used to it and it became my favorite idea that every POV takes you to different settings. And it's like travelling also. Skills for the players i really fascinating and frightening at the same time coz some players are so bad-ass and brutal. I wince on parts that grossed me. I can't imagine that happening to me. And then some of the players paired up and that makes the difference.

I'm so hooked with the this and I believe I could finish this in two days if not only of working days. but still, i love the book and those who says it's kinda like THG, you must read again!

The Young Elites

The Young Elites - Marie Lu this is really the darker side of marie lu. i need book 2 now!!!

Never Never

Never Never - Colleen Hoover, Tarryn Fisher I'm not expecting the ending. shocking. cliffhanger. I have been thinking of other ending. but that one really exceeds my expectation. i'm dying to continue this. i want to know what will happen to Silas and Charlie. Will they be able to solve the mystery? Will they be able to work things out? Damn. I want more. huhuhaha. book 2 pleaseeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!