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Rock Chick

Rock Chick - Kristen Ashley I was looking for a chick lit, rom-com book because I wanted to have a very light story that would make me feel better after a heartbreak from my previous read. And as I checked out several blogs, their list includes the Rock Chick series. Even in Goodreads. So without any hesitation, I gave it a shot. And guess what. haha. I was hooked with this action-packed writing of Kristen Ashley.

Indy has been inlove with Liam since she was 5 and she did everything to get the attention of Liam, who happens to be the brother of her bestfriend, Ally. But no matter how hard Indy tries, Liam never sees her so she finally decided to keep distant with him. But she was wrong. hahaha. If not for her being troubled because of her friend, Rosie and his diamonds, she would never know. HAHA. I never thought that the search for the lost diamonds will be as thrilling as this. Kristen explored a lot with her writing. Including the main characters. Indy and Lee are sooooo badass and sexy. Their personalities reminds me of the characters of 'This means War' and I can really see Indy in Reese Witherspoon(in a way). HAHAHAHA. And Liam Nightingale. Every women who'll get to read this book will seriously make Liam Nightingale their ideal husband. hihi. I also consider Hank Nightingale. He's opposite of Lee but still adorable.

I love how the book makes me laugh and smile. Exactly the kind of humor that I am looking for. I'm looking forward to more laughs for the rest books of the series ♥♥♥