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Shut Out

Shut Out - Kody Keplinger "You don't want to miss out on the best things in life just because you were afraid of getting hurt."

true enough. another very likable work from the duff's author, kody keplinger. love the plot: Lissa feels so tired of being second to her boyfriend, Randy, that's why she gathered the girlfriends of the rival teams(soccer and football) and planned of having a sex strike as they believed that will end the rivalry. It was fun at first and the girls feels like the plan is working out not until Lissa caught her asshole boyfriend cheating on her. Lissa was hurt, that was given, but there's someone who entered the scene and made everything more uncomfortable for her, Cash Sterling. haha.

Cash is my latest addition to my book boyfriends. a literature buff, sports buff, a gentleman, kind to his parents. What else to find for in him? He's perfect to me. hihi.

And Chloe, a friend i would like to have. Supportive but always there to remind you to be careful in every action you make.

The strike may have felt and gone wrong for awhile but then Lissa should be thankful of that because she overcome her fear of not being in control, she overcome her fear of letting her feelings show, she find her way to her ex best friend, and of course, it lead her to Cash.

Light feels but enough to teach us lessons. 4 Stars to this!!! yey :)

P.S. Greek Myth won't leave me ha. hahaha. love it ☺