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Autumn Falls

Autumn Falls - Bella Thorne Yes I'm a fan of Bella Thorne but my rating for this is not because of my fangirling but because I really enjoyed Autumn Falls.

One of my fast reads(if not for work haha). We all know Bella is one of the Disney alumni that's why it didn't really surprise me to feel a disney-show vibes in the book. The Journal is sort of magical. haha. The story is not really deep at all. I think high schoolers will enjoy this one.

The only thing I could say is that the storylin is already good but I think it would be better if there's more twist. hahaha. But, overall. It was fun. I didn't actually expect a lot from Bella Thorne but she really has the talent in writing.

I am waiting for book 2. Autumn and Sean moments please because Sean is one of the sweetest gentleman ever :">