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The Death Cure

The Death Cure - James Dashner indeed a consistent breathtaker series.

behind the actions is the face of loyalty, trust, friendship and sacrifice.

i loved Minho's character even more. from his punchlines to his angst to his fedelity to his friends, too much to make him so adorable.

Newt will always be one of the truest friend the gladers will always have. he fought till he cant no longer hold the flare. sacrificed friendship over getting his friends and the others catching the flare. a very noble act of loyalty.

Thomas who is either the bravest kid or just simply crazy(accdng to Lawrence) has also one of the biggest heart when it comes to his friends. i admire him till the very last drop of his blood on how much he is willing to sacrifice for everyone he values the most.

But why on earth does good people have to die? huhu. I am still mourning for Newt. I can't even imagine the glade without him.

A really must read, guys. clap clap ♥