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The Retribution of Mara Dyer

The Retribution of Mara Dyer - Michelle Hodkin It may have been a little slow at the start, but as I continue the ride, I am drowned with all the intensity of emotion. It's brutal physically, mentally and emotionally. Yet it's fragile.

I'm so sorry for Mara that she has to go through heartbreaking and mind bursting and every painful experience that you could think of. But through all those things. She's become stronger and stronger and more fearless. And through all of it, thank God because she's got friends and brother to help her make it. I admire Jamie and Stella's loyalty to their friend. Through thick and thin, they've been there for Mara. Jamal especially. He's given Mara smiles and laughter in the midst of unruly circumstances. I really really loved that district twelve scene tho. haha. I laughed so hard. hahaha. It's just sad to see Stella leave but we have to understand that she's not yet that strong to fight with them. And Daniel. I'm having second thoughts about him at first and I feel so sorry because what I'm thinking false. HAHA. All along, he's been with Mara and if I would be asked, I want a brother like him.

And then there's Noah. In action and in words, he's the sweetest guy ever. He loved Mara to ruins. He did everything for her. He chose to be with her. And that's all that matters. No more ifs and buts.

It's been a long ride for Michelle Hodkins to come up with this incredible story. The influences of other great series was also manifested in the book, and my fangirl feels for HP,THG, LOTR and many more. Though I was a little bit off coz there's a SAW like theme and it creeps me out. really. the movie Saw is one of my not-to-watch movie. hahaha. Kidding aside, the series is amazing. How she had written the story is amazing and what I am really amazed how she opened and closed the series with this: My name is not Mara Dyer

and you will soon find out.