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The Siren

The Siren - Kiera Cass Kiera Cass gave an amazing ride as I entered, for the first time, the world of Sirens. She had written this beautifully. It was a very refreshing view, a vintage, at the same time, mysterious feels as I read the book. I dont think I can see the Ocean and the Sea the way I used to before. HAHA. And to be honest, I envy Kahlen. Coz she was given the opportunity to travel(a lot). Huhu. That's all. Haha. This book got me craving more to travel the world too. HAHA.

This is full of love and friendship. There's something deep in this book that I couldn't really put it into words. But really, the book's amazing. It's a sweet reminder that life is and will always be wonderful, so live it. YOLO.

Applause guys. applause.