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How to Love

How to Love - Katie Cotugno Katie did a good job for her debut novel. One of my fast reads. The 'After' and 'Before' scenes weaves the story altogether. The book pictures a scene which happens in real life. And from there, the story progresses.

Sawyer is a total jerk. I just can't accept him. HAHA. He makes me feel bitter. I don't know why, he just did. I felt sorry for Serena that she had fallen for someone like Sawyer. She's beautiful and intelligent and she could have conquered the world. But we all know love very well.

But tbh, serena is one lucky girl. even if it's a mistake, God still gave her a very adorable daughter, understanding best friend and supportive family. If it's me, i don't think i would know how to handle everything. So, I still look up to her because she's one brave girl.